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Posted on 16 Sep 2011

China Travel Guide Demo

This demo was put together for a proposed online travel guide project. It includes an interactive map with multiple interaction layers, an interactive video language lesson with three basic phrases, and a point of interest travel guide example. Click Here to see the demo Read More »
Posted on 13 Sep 2011

Sustainable Ecotecture and...

From the pressing question of overpopulation to the need for clean independent energy, this Sustainable Ecotecture and Environmental Development certification course offers provocative insight and unique profitable solutions. It also explores how decisions made and operating practices executed on existing and future projects by individuals and corporations will have far reaching impacts on our society’s ability to sustain itself... Read More »
Posted on 13 Sep 2011

Green Business & Sustainability...

This Green Business & Sustainability Professional course prepares the student for the demands of our environmentally conscious business environment. The business world is changing to respond to emerging social and market forces which value companies that consider the effects of their operations, products, and services on the environment and community. Upon completion, students will have a working knowledge of... Read More »
Posted on 09 Sep 2011

Understanding Earned Value Management

The Understanding Earned Value Management Online Training Program teaches the student how to measure their project’s performance using reliable calcuations and data to drive decisions. In this interactive program, they apply these calculations to projects and also develop the knowledge they need to confidently pass earned value questions on the PMP® exam. Click Here to see the demo Read More »
Posted on 09 Sep 2011

Emergency Management Training

The Emergency Management Training for First Responders Online Program gives the student the necessary skills and understanding of the issues and concepts surrounding emergency management to prepare them for a career in this field. This project incorporated extensive use of machinima filmed in Second Life to provide additional depth and situational detail to the example scenarios presented to the... Read More »
Posted on 01 Sep 2011

Green IT : Sustainable Information...

Green IT Certification – Information and Communications Technology for a Sustainable Future is designed to prepare working professionals and university-level students to be the sustainability leaders of the future. Students are educated on the basics of sustainability and technology. They are taught practical tools for managing the rapidly growing eco-footprint of the ICT systems we use, and educated on... Read More »
Posted on 31 Aug 2011

AutoCAD Training

The AutoCAD 2009 Online Certification Training Program helps the student master basic and advanced design skills by gaining hands-on practice in using the 2D tools in AutoCAD 2009. It begins with basic tools and then explores efficiency tools, complex objects, use of external reference and image files, advanced plotting, and customizations. Click Here to see the demo Read More »
Posted on 31 Aug 2011


The Paralegal Online Training Program prepares the student for success in this growing career field. They learn about the American legal system, how to conduct legal research and legal interviews, how to perform legal analyses, and more. Click Here to see the demo Read More »